Services Offered by Sudharma Krishi Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

1. Farm Advisory & Turn Key Solutions

We provide services in both open air and protected cultivation.

Open Air Cultivation

  1. Development of fruit orchards with or without intercropping
  2. Spices farming
  3. Medicinal & Aromatic plants
  4. Plantation crops
  5. Floriculture or Flower farming
  6. Forestry
  7. Composite farming
  8. Organic farming; GAP Farming
  9. Seed Production of Potato, Onion, Cereals & Pulses
  10. Hybrid Vegetable Seed production
  11. Off-Season and Exotic Vegetable farming

Protected Cultivation

  1. Polyhouse cultivation of Off-season or Exotic Vegetables
  2. Polyhouse cultivation of Cut Flowers
  3. Hydroponic farming
  4. Hi end nursery etc.

2. Animal Husbandry & Fishery

We provide services in the following sectors of animal husbandry.

  1. Poultry farming
  2. Dairy farming
  3. Duck farming
  4. Goat farming
  5. Fishery etc.

3. Agri Business

Any post harvest industry related to processing, extraction and preservation, setting up bio technological/ micro bio logical laboratories. Value chain development of agro commodities.Here are some selected agribusiness services-

  1. Aloe Vera processing
  2. Turmeric primary processing
  3. Ginger paste
  4. Fresh fruit drink
  5. Readymade lac varnish
  6. Selected semi-processing units of agro produce
  7. Selected agro industry link with contractual cultivation
  8. Biotechnological and microbiological projects
  9. Tissue culture laboratory
  10. Multipurpose cold storage
  11. Cold chain development
  12. Warehousing of agro commodity
  13. Hording of agro commodity
  14. International trade of agro commodity
  15. Coconut sales and service center
  16. Crop care center
  17. Horticulture store
  18. Green-gifting + modular gardening
  19. Machine bank
  20. Soil sample collection center etc.

4. Farmhouse Development, Agri/ Eco Tourism, Home Stay

If you are nature lover or looking for some green investment sectors coupled with real estate investment then these projects are for you. Here we can provide-

  1. Land in your preferred location
  2. Counseling
  3. Customized feature
  4. Facilitate loan and subsidies
  5. Property management along with technical hand holding for cropping and gardening

5. Landscape and Gardening

  1. Landscape & Gardening
  2. Terrace Landscape & Gardening
  3. Roof top organic kitchen gardening

Services You may Choose for Your Project

  1. Primary Knowledge: Primary Consultancy | Concept development program | Counseling
  2. Feasibility & Viability Study: Survey based study | SWOT analysis | Road map preparation | Crop/ Project Planning etc.
  3. Financial: DPR preparation for loan | LoI for subsidy | Consultancy
  4. Infrastructure Development: Turnkey solution | Consultancy
  5. Technology: Technological hand holding | Technical consultancy | Skill development training
  6. Training: Managerial training, Technical training
  7. Marketing: Market information and consultancy
  8. Developmental & Others: Different types of survey and mapping | Mentoring
  9. Resourcing of Inputs: Resourcing or supply services of critical inputs
  10. Restructuring: Restructuring of old farms to make it more productive and profitable