What are the advantages and disadvantages of organic farming?

Like traditional chemical farming, organic farming too comes with some disadvantages. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of organic farming in India.

Advantages of Organic Farming

  1. Organic farming is more nature friendly than traditional chemical farming. The soil and the nature retain their natural fertility/ power in organic farming.
  2. The produce in organic farming contains no toxic residue.
  3. The food tastes natural and better.
  4. Farm workers/ farmers are not exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals.
  5. Organic manure and pesticides can be made by the farmers itself, it decreases the input cost.

Disadvantages of Organic Farming

  1. Organic farming is monitored strictly to get certified.
  2. The produce is more costly.
  3. The production cost is generally high.
  4. There is no separate market for organic produce, farmers must create their own market to sell their produce in higher rate.
  5. Organic farming in larger fields is not practical hence yield is low.

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